June 22nd 2023

Grade 4 to 8

April 5th 2023

Grade 1 to 3

Think about how much others have to walk to get water.

Uniting for water : Marymount’s walk for a global cause

Get ready to step up this Spring as Marymount students and teachers walk through Ile de la Jatte, nearby streets of Neuilly-sur-Seine, and around campus. To show their support for the millions of women and girls who walk miles every day to fetch clean water, students will carry a load appropriate for their age and weight in a double-strap backpack. The suggested weight for the backpack will have been determined through a consultation with Nurse Jayka Rosan. It must be worn over both shoulders to ensure proper support.

Join us in a show of solidarity and take a step forward for change!

Who will benefit from the proceeds ?

Donations will go toward our recently constructed RSHM Life Care Center, a health clinic overseen and run by our RSHM sisters in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. As children are learning about water’s impact on girls, a portion of the proceeds will also go toward Water.org, which builds infrastructure helping improve the lives of girls and women globally.

Backpack weight and walk distance per grade details

Grade LevelBackpack WeightDistanceDate
Grades 6, 7 & 83.5kg - 4kg5kmMarch 31st
Grades 4 & 52kg - 3.5kg5kmMarch 31st
Grades 2 & 31kg1.5km (on campus)April 5th
Grade 10.5kg1 km (on campus)April 5th

Walk for Water 2023 map

Poster Contest Winners

Support your child !

  • Become a superhero for your child by being their proud sponsor in a mission to save the world's most precious resource - water
  • Ask your child what they're learning about water throughout March
  • Inspire your child to become a water-saving champion by encouraging them to conserve water whenever possible
  • Let's make a splash in this vital cause together!

For more information on how you can get involved in this life-changing Walk for Water, email us at walkforwater@marymount.fr

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